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The Elm Street Photography Promise

- Provide you with only the highest quality Prints and materials so your purchase will last a lifetime, and beyond.


- We only trust our work to be processed and printed by a professional lab, one that ONLY services professional photographers and not the general public. 


- Each Print that you order is first delivered to us for inspection, then it is hand matted by the photographer and only then is the product signed and packaged for delivery. You deserve to know and have complete trust that the artwork being delivered to you is coming directly from Elm Street Photography, and not directly from the lab. Why do we do it this way... to have that most important layer of quality control in place. It is our name and my signature on your artwork, we take this very seriously.


-  Each of our matted Prints are chosen not only for quality, but subject and size as well. We will not sell any image any larger or smaller than that image should be printed. For instance, other photographers may offer 5,10, or even 20 different sizes of the same image. I would be remiss if I did not explain the process of printing an image. When I send a file to my lab for printing, that file is already cropped and optimized for say an 8x10 Print. If I was to send that same file as an 8x10 but I wanted to print it as a 5x7 or even an 11x14, you would lose quality as those crops are very different in ratio than what the original file was meant to be printed as.

- We are a small business, a two person operation. We believe in treating everyone as we would want to be treated ourselves. If you want personal service, the highest level of customer service available, and extremely high quality artwork, look no further. Welcome to the Elm Street Photography family.

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